Thursday, June 11, 2009

Port surgery

Had the surgery yesterday. Got up pretty early....4:30a.m. First on the table at 7:30a.m. Well, it was surprisingly a very positive experience. It sure makes a difference to be under excellent care by very good caring people. I have an amazing surgeon who gives me complete confidence in my care. She has a great personality that I jive with and is excellent at what she does.

Of course I was very anxious the night before and didn't sleep very much. Full of adrenaline all day!

From beginning to end, the staff and doctors were wonderful. Leaving my worries to rest. We arrived at the hospital and were received in caring hands. We will stay put with this team for now. Trying to go to other facilities for the sake of location or convenience was a mistake. Quality care is priority, no matter the sacrifice. I am fighting for my life and what that means, so we must keep that in mind. The children will adjust. Eventually, all that is inconvenient will become routine. The strain it puts on my family and friends will become a normal day and we will all come through to the other side. I must keep learning to let go and be cared for. A difficult adjustment for such an independent woman as I am. Humbling.

Here I am, getting ready to have a Central Intravenous Catheter installed so that I may proceed with chemotherapy as aggressively as needed. It's amazing what they've come up with now. I'm glad to be at this point in medicine that I won't need to be stuck with needles constantly once or twice a week. This device will be able to stay indefinitely. It must be surgically removed, so hopefully by the time I don't need it, it would be time to celebrate.
It is a valve that has been surgically placed below my collar bone with a catheter inserted into my major vein leading to my heart. Each chemotherapy treatment will be done by placing a special needle into that valve just below my skin. This prevents wasting of veins and collapsing/deterioration. It appears as a large lump under my skin with a 2" scar from the surgical incision. I'll take a lump over bruised arms!

Telling my boys about it was an adventure. As far as they are concerned, Mom is part Bionicle with a new "button". The doctors can give Mom medicine into the button which will go attack the cancer bad guys like Pac Man.

I'm recovering now and doing well. Fairly fatigued and aching, but well medicated. My mind is racing with excitement that all is very real now and that I will be receiving my first chemo treatment on Tuesday. Perhaps not a thing I should look forward to, but to me it is getting on with healing despite the high price. I'm ready to get on with it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my short haircut for awhile and collecting beautiful scarves from my beautiful friends.

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  1. Bless your heart! I know your journey is hard. I have a older neighbor who is 22 yrs cancer free. Her journey and struggles have blessed so many as I know yours will. God be with you. I will pray for you when you come to mind! Find courage in Christ! He is our strength!


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