Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting ready

4 days and counting 'till the "hair coming off party". A dear friend of mine who's been also my hair stylist for the past 16 years is coming up to give me my new short hair. Making sort of a girl's day party out of it with good friends. I'm taking it off before chemo does and donating it. I figure why not? It's coming out anyway, why not beat it to the punch. My boys are geared up for it! They say they'll miss my hair but I'll still be beautiful anyway.
I start weekly chemotherapy soon. I have stage 3 and grade 3 cancer, which basically means they're going to try and slow it down with chemo before they do any surgery. My energy is supposed to go way down on top of the lovely side effects.
My energy has already taken a nose dive in the past several months. My weeds are growing! My kitchen is not done ( I started remodeling it over a year ago). Oh well. On to more important things. They just serve as reminders how much I used to do. But they also motivate me.

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