Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back on track

Back on track with a new oncologist and amazingly chemotherapy is scheduled already the same day I meet her. No messing around. No waiting until July to get started like this local place! Hopefully things go much more smoothly. It will be a haul however, nearly an hour away. I guess we just keep figuring out how to do everything as we go along. We have great friends and support. It's difficult to let others help me. New territory! But I'm trying because I know soon I need to focus my energy on healing as my treatment begins. I must let go in order to take on new things. It will all be stressful and tiring on my friends and family, but I know they love me and they have chosen to journey this with me. In the grand scheme, all of their presence in my life and who they are keeps me going. The comments and notes are a positive force that sustains my attitude.

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