Thursday, June 4, 2009

We had a nice but brief date night last night. Just decided it was time to celebrate and dress to the nines for one last night before things get messy. While I still have my hair, my figure and a dress to knock my husband dead. So we dropped the boys at friends after school and took off to a place down in the city. It was very nice but not pretentious. Just perfect. A little trendy, a little classy, small, just right. Great food and atmosphere. Just what we needed, to relax, forget. Served African and Mediterranean cuisine. All fresh organic. Just wonderful! My favorite Ketel One martinis done just right. Yet underneath the good food we felt the weight of our very special little occasion. The beginning of a tough journey, hard work...this moment will be what we look back on to make us smile when we need it. It was an evening that we needed desperately, before it was too late. Truthfully something we haven't done in over a decade. Where does the time go? And suddenly every minute counts. One of the greatest gifts we could receive from our dear friends was simply this time together. Time to focus on each other. Time to be stronger.

The grass needs cut. The dishes are piled in the sink. Weeds are quickly filling my flower beds. But a night out with my husband laughing and feeling, young and healthy for a moment. That's what matters. Here and now.

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