Monday, June 8, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back

Well, after such a wonderful and memorable evening last week, the next day was my first "welcome to HELL-th care". We had a horrible experience with a local outpatient facility. The real downside is that we witnessed a habitual function and attitude with staff that was very negative and stressful. This was to be a facility that would be a 10 minute drive to get my weekly chemotherapy. We will not be returning. My dignity and privacy was neglected. No patient need experience the series of events that I went through there. The level of care was below standard along with basic patient rights violated.

Despite a very frustrating and stressful day, we plan to move on even though it will push back my treatments now that we have to change. It will be more difficult managing daily life traveling further for chemotherapy treatments. But we always find a way. In the beginning I will need chemo once a week for 18 weeks. My treatments last around 2 or 3 hours. I will also need blood work which will make it 2 times a week we will be traveling to a clinic.

On Wednesday, I go in for minor surgery to place a central IV catheter which will allow me to get the high volume of IV treatments without collapsing veins. I can only use my right arm for IVs, as my left arm is affected by the cancer. At this point I am uncertain when I will start chemo as we are arranging care elsewhere. Hopefully ASAP.

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