Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, I had my CAT scan of my torso. Had to get Iodine pushed (IV) for that. It actually burns! Once they put it in the IV, it feels like all your organs and blood vessels have acid (not the fun kind) in them. Ouch. I guess the Iodine makes my internal organs look prettier for the camera! And I had to lay very very still and hold my breath several times every time it scanned. Didn't know there was going to be heavy breathing involved or I might have video recorded the event!
I had to take, or drink I should say alot of contrast medication the day of and day before. Yum , just like water should taste after your kid puts chalk in it! My husband added juice, but it's just not the same as...vodka and juice... Maybe we'll do that tomorrow.
The CAT scan was in the morning. Then when I was done with that, someone else came along and injected some other things into my veins for the next one. I had to wait 3 hours and then come back for my bone scan. Since we were 45 minutes from home, we had to kill time. All the medications made me feel wasted so I didn't really feel like, "shopping or going for a movie", so we ate brunch and wasted time hanging out in the car and in COSTCO.  It was nice to "pretend" to test out the comfy leather couch display while my kids amused themselves looking at books and movies and my husband shopped for all the groceries we'd need for the future extended cocooning time at home.

I got to lay down again on a very thin uncomfortable board and have another machine slowly scan my entire body. This was my bone scan. The scanner moved so slowly I could barely tell it was moving down my body. Again I could not move or fidget for 30 minutes. You try that after laying down on cement! Amazingly very tiring. Of course the moment they say you can't move, your nose itches like crazy the entire time!
Between all the medications I was on, oh and I had to take steroids and Diphenhydramine because I'm allergic to the Iodine they shot me up with, I was beat by the end of the day. An all day affair this time. The boys were troopers.  We made sure to provide books and electronic entertainment, but that only lasts so long. 
Won't know more just yet. Hurry up and wait again. I guess down the road I'll be getting more of these very fun expensive portraits done of my insides.

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