Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meeting with the surgeon

Today was the big day...meeting with the surgeon for the first time to go over everything so far and get a game plan together. Things have been moving fast, and now the pace is picking up! I suppose it's good. I don't have enough time in between things to build up fear. Like waiting in line for that terrifying roller coaster and not looking up until it's time to get on.

I like my surgeon very much. I liked her within 30 seconds. She's a straight shooter. She's positive. She cares. And she's kick ass with an attitude to match. Just what I need. A good match. I size people up pretty fast. I like her team as well. They're putting me first in line...not messing around. I'm in the right place.

I have allot to do now ....again. More tests now to get ready for surgery. And...


I go into surgery June 10th to get my CVC (central venous catheter). This is like a permanent IV into my chest. This will be for my chemo or any blood work they need. My veins won't hold up to the frequency of chemotherapy treatments, so this avoids needing to find new veins for an IV every 3 weeks for a year. Sound like fun so far? I can't wait!

As soon as I get my CVC, I can start chemo right away. After about 6 treatments, I will go in for surgery to remove my lymph nodes, my tumor and possibly my breast depending upon how I respond to chemo. I am at a very high risk for recurrence, so mastectomy is in the picture as a very real possibility. Difficult decisions to come. But without having even started, I know chemo will have to be a one ticket ride in my case.

So here we go.

Time to get real sick to get better.

Time to loose all my hair.

Time to ask for more help.

Time to be strong.

Time to survive.

It rained garden can begin to grow now.

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