Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky #9

Just celebrated my oldest son's 9th birthday yesterday. Had a great time taking him out for a special fun day and then celebrating at home with our best friends with dinner and cake. It was nice to have some energy for making his day special...just the simple things like cleaning up the house, wrapping presents, baking a cake. Energy we all take for granted, I was blessed with the energy to get through a special day with my son.

Today was also my 9th treatment day. Blood counts were done and I keep dropping all the numbers that mean I'm weakening under the load of chemotherapy. Will power alone won't bring up the numbers so I'm getting some new treatments to help. I received a shot today after my chemotherapy that should help raise my hemoglobin (red blood cell stuff). If my numbers don't climb between now and next treatment, I may need a blood transfusion to help. I hadn't noticed, but the symptoms for my red blood cell troubles were fatigue and pain in my legs (like the pain you feel when you've climbed alot of stairs). I had some energy to do things, however, my muscles felt the strain and pain of a good workout over even the smallest tasks.

I have my bigger chemotherapy day next week which usually makes me pretty sick for about a week or so. My birthday falls after that...yes...the BIG 40. So....
We have a canoe trip planned for this weekend. This is my celebration, my fight that I'm still alive and can do things I love. I will be out on the water with my family enjoying the stillness of life and the beauty of the river. I look forward to it, it will be a good day. A blessed day.

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