Thursday, July 30, 2009

One more down, more to go

Hanging out at the hospital today. Got pretty sick after my treatment this week. My body is weakening on the chemo, but I'm hanging tough as possible. Getting fluids today and Morphine. Pain is getting worse and can't get enough relief at home. Vicious cycle of pain. Pills at home don't do enough, then I end up back here at the hospital to get something stronger.
I'm glad to have the love and support around me. All who come to help me. My gratitude is endless to you. I have morphine in me now, but I'm focused on getting home and hugging my boys. The folks were up helping out for the week. The boys really enjoyed having them around! My friends who are my family here are showing tremendous strength. I love you sustain me. One more treatment done is one less to go!

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