Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gettin tougher

Hanging in there, but chemo's getting tougher. Side effects are getting stronger. It's knocking me down but I'm hanging tough. Had to go to the hospital yesterday to get re hydrated and medicated. Hung out with IV bags for hours. Missed a nice sunny afternoon with my boys. Feeling some better now, but taking it easy. Trying some new medications to handle the side effects. My doctors are trying to keep me as comfortable as is possible. Hardest part is not "being myself" on all the medications, being weak, seeing my boys not "seeing me" but a sick bald mommy. They are tough. They are amazing, they give lots of love and comfort and I tell them I'm strong on the inside and I'm going to be fine. Family and friends are doing so much beyond words. The help and support are amazing. I love you all.

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