Monday, December 7, 2009

Next steps

The days are getting shorter, the weather is turning cold and the holidays are here.  It's time to get the decorations out and pump up the kids excitement.  We will soon climb the hill and pick out a tree to cut down and bring home.  I look forward to the smells of baking and extra time with my family.  It has been a good time of rest, but it will soon become busy again.
I continue to recover from surgery and gain some energy and strength back.  There is still a bit to go to gain all my strength back, but it will take time.  I have returned to my chemotherapy treatments, but now I will go once or twice a month instead of weekly.  This will continue for a year.  These treatments may be tough on my heart, but otherwise they will be less harsh than before.  My hair is growing back.  My fingernails are growing back.  I am feeling better.
My newest commitment will be my daily radiation treatments for about 6 weeks.  I will begin with these in about two weeks.  I have this much time to continue recovering from surgery and work on getting movement back in my arm.  Time to get on the treadmill!

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