Friday, May 6, 2011

New York Times & ACS Publication

Wonderful and unexpected news:  my April self-portrait has been posted on the New York Times photo gallery of cancer survivors.  In a book to be published next year by the American Cancer Society, it will comprise 200 to 250 "Picture Your Life After Cancer" submissions that were featured on The Times website.  My submission out of over 800 others has been selected for the ACS publication. 

To view the portrait on The Times website:

If you are directed to the main photo gallery, it's this one featured in my April blog entry:

Many thanks to Karen Barrow, Producer of Health, for this amazing opportunity.  Please take the time to look at the gallery and all of the unique submissions so many brave survivors have posted.

Posted on the New York Times website gallery:

The beginning of knowing comes in interpreting the first impression. We look upon others and begin the story. My diagnosis of breast cancer brought a shift in my perception of self. I looked even deeper inward as the outside began to fall apart. Others treated me differently.  I found an urgency to pick up my camera. My comfort zone behind the lens moved as I wanted my young sons to have recorded memories of time spent together. With a photograph, we have the power to stop time. Looking into one, we can travel back to feel that moment. I have a new identity as a survivor. I do not know what the future holds. My past has shaped me. Survivorship is a fight. Life is a gift. I got my first tattoo in celebration of completing treatment. Cancer has been my hidden dragon. The Chinese reads "Dragon Slayer."

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